Process & Custom Prices

Custom Balloon Menu Sizes

(Your balloon menu will be editable, include (3) balloon colors of your choice, your services illustrated to reflect your brand, your prices, price disclaimers and your company contact)

Custom Balloon Menu Prices

Small Balloon Menus

7-8 illustrations


Medium Balloon Menus 

9-10 illustrations


Large Balloon Menus

11-12 illustrations


*Above is a list of what’s included in each balloon menu. Anything exceeding the list above will be charged as a “Add-On” fee 



Each Additional balloon color

(3 custom made balloon colors of your choice are included in your package. Add on fee will be applied per additional color requested)




Party Focal Point Illustrations 

(Party Focal Point illustrations are illustrations with more than 1 large element. For example: If you needed 2 chiara walls in 1 illustration that’ll be considered a add on) 





Each additional page

( Each menu is allowed 2 pages max if necessary. Fees will apply for additional pages exceeding 2.) 

$4 per page

Our large package includes 12 illustrations. If you need more than 12 illustrations it is optional to add another page.Please refer to our price table above to determine cost for  2nd page if needed. (Keep in mind prices are determined by the number of illustrations)

First You’ll submit a  “Start order form” so I can review your requests for your balloon menu

Second When I receive your “Start order form” I’ll contact you immediately to get any final information from you before I began working on your customized balloon menu. (You’ll receive a text from (708)4767942 and a confirmation email from

Third I'll send you a mock-up of your balloon colors for your balloon menu. (Just to show you how your selected colors will look. If you change your mind about colors prior to your menu it’s perfectly fine. We’ll work together to find he perfect colors to represent your brand! ) 

Fourth, when you confirm you love your balloon colors I’ll send you invoice to pay in full. When you invoice is paid , I’ll send you a 24 hour watch link to watch me illustrate your balloon menu! 

*The full process of making your balloon menu takes 24-48 hours to execute if all your request information is submitted