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Simply Passive Digital Marketing Course

Simply Passive Digital Marketing Course

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Ready to take control of your future and finally see financial success with done-for-you digital products?

When I first started, my goal was to just make an extra $1000 a month reselling this exact course and to learn how to create my own digital products. Then I ended up making 5 times that in my first few weeks! 😳

This course truly holds your hand 🙏 and walks you through step by step with video modules on how to get everything set up and literally be reselling this EXACT course in as little as 15 minutes!

This course will teach you the EXACT method I used that helped me grow an amazing community of 1400 followers & generate $5500 selling this exact course and some of my own digital products that the course TAUGHT me how make in my very first few weeks of starting with absolutely ZERO experience!

Imagine waking up to a payment notification at 7am before you've even had your morning coffee and you've already made a sale from another excited customer ready to start their journey with your product!

So Who is This For?

- Maybe you are just getting started on your Digital Marketing Journey and have absolutely ZERO experience.

- Maybe you're a shy girly tired of missing out on making a passive income online and you want to get into faceless digital marketing

- Maybe you have started a digital marketing business, but you are feeling stuck, and not seeing the success you want, aren't sure how to grow on social media, and don't know where to start when it comes to creating your own digital product.

- Or maybe you're doing well with your online business, but are ready to scale it to the next level!

Wherever YOU are in your journey, this course was created just for YOU.

Simply Passive is the Ultimate Digital Marketing + Social Media Course that teaches you how to make a limitless passive income from anywhere as a complete beginner! Along with Master Resell Rights for 100% profit!

SIMPLY PASSIVE has 45+ Modules, templates, checklists and MORE so you can build a thriving Digital Marketing business.

WHAT you will find in the Simply Passive course:

  • 45+ faceless video modules

  • Neutral branding & aesthetic

  • All modules/lessons taught faceless

  • Easy & straightforward on-ramp for beginners to learn how to go from A-Z with digital marketing

  • How to build a solid foundation & make sustainable passive income for years to come

  • Branding yourself

  • Finding your voice

  • Niches — how to figure out WHO to serve and HOW to serve them

  • How to create your own digital products based on what you’re passionate about (and templates to get started!)

  • All the tech/setup to list your own digital product in a simple way

  • Storytelling email marketing (Flodesk) & email templates

  • Captions, hashtags & hooks

  • Selling in stories

  • How to sell in DM’s

  • Deep dive into content creation strategies

  • Deep dive into social media strategies

  • Creating & setting up StanStore

  • Lead magnets/freebies (with templates!)

  • Time management

  • Content batching

  • Faceless Marketing

  • Content modules

  • Mindset

  • Automation tools — and when & how to use them!

AND it comes with Master Resell Rights, which means that you can resell the course for 100% profit! 1 sale and you've already made your investment back!

BONUS: You will receive 13 bonus guides (Valued at $700+ total) for FREE!

  • My SCALE & EXPAND BUNDLES - including 13 Done-For-You digital products worth the value of $700 for FREE that you can learn from, rebrand and start selling straight away!



Start your digital marketing business with 10 super valuable digital products that you can start selling ASAP!!

Imagine what your life could look like in just a few months time?

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